Williams Brothers Vintage Scale Wheels (Pair)

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PLEASE NOTE that Williams Brothers haven't produced anything for the last year, I'm not sure if this will change so why not look at the 3d Printed versions.  I created these as a direct replacement.

View the Wheels HERE

Williams Brothers Vintage Scale Wheels, Sizes listed below:
(Sold and priced in Pairs)

1/4  168mm  6-5/8"    Sopwith Pup, SE5, Blackburn, Nieuport 24, Giant             

1/5  130mm  5-1/4" 
1/6  110mm 4-3/8"     Tiger Moth (58"), Mannock, Mighty Barnstormer, Richtofen, 
                                    Old Bill, Scout, Tripehound

1/7   95mm  3-3/4" 
1/8   80mm  3-1/8"     Tiger Moth E, Sopwith Pup E

Technical specifications