Tinker Kit
Tinker Kit
Tinker Kit
Tinker Kit
Tinker Kit

Tinker Kit

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45" (1143mm) span.

Product information


Please note that this is slightly different to the other kits, it is offered in three options: 

  1. Airframe (All the Lasercut and Strip wood, all of the Balsa sheet and Ply wood, Spruce and Poly Carb parts plus the preformed U/C Legs with other wire for pushrods, strut fixing, etc)
  2. Airframe plus Hardware Pack 1 
  3. Airframe plus Hardware Packs 1 and 2

The, included, detailed instructions include photos of the prototype build.  Instructions Download Here

This kit is the revised and redrawn version of the classic David Boddington model.  It is now fully lasercut with bespoke mounting options for IC and Electric power trains.

Wing bolts, Struts and Ailerons are now standard although the option is still retained to build without ailerons and to use wing bands as per the original.

Lovely looking small Bi plane and great fun to fly, very robust but still very light.  Whether built as originally intended with Wing bands or with the new four ailerons and wing bolt version.  It's still got that Tinker charm.

An ideal training Sport bi-plane.
Includes one sheet plan and detailed instructions which include many photos from the prototype build.

You will need to add elastic bands and/or wing bands as it would be wasteful to include them when they may not be used, they also degrade over time.

It is recomended that Hardware pack 1 is bought with the airframe.  It is very much cheaper than buying the pack as seperate items.  Pack 2 is more suited for IC use.

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to individual accessories)

Hardware Pack 1

  • Pushrod Connectors
  • UC Clamps with screws
  • Wing Bolts and T Nuts
  • cotton, wing seat tape, small fuel tube for clevis clamps
  • Control horns with hardware
  • CA type hinges
  • Spokes/threaded rods with clevises/nuts
  • plastic clevises
  • Various types of Servo screws

Hardware Pack 2

  • Engine Mount, specifiy 15 size or 30 size
  • 2" Spinner, specify colour
  • Firewall M3 Bolts with T nuts
  • 2.5" Wheels and collets 

Technical Data:
1143mm (45 in) span
.15 to .32 engines
3 or 4 channel r/c
Weight with all fittings but without Engine approx 1.4kg.

The Prototype has the following servos - Available HERE

  • 3 Hitec HS81 (two for ailerons and one for throttle)
  • 2 Futaba S3003 (Rudder and Elevator)

In flight photos (10 Jun, 2018) of our Blue and White Tinker by kind permission of Amman Club Colleague, Richard Jones.

Test flights movie clips can be seen on our facebook page  (You do not need to sign up to facebook)

A suggested electrical power setup from 4-Max