Tiger Moth E

1/8 scale, 1219mm (48") for 15 -20 glow engines or electric

Product information

TIGER MOTH E  (Now includes the extra riblet set)

A fine example of this classic biplane, designed to be built as either 3 or 4 channel.
As with all our aircraft, kit comprises of laser pre-cut balsa and ply parts for ease of construction, preformed high tensile wire u/c and cabane struts, vac-formed cowl.

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to the accessories)
NEW - Optional extra Riblets to add some more scale detail - NOW automatically included.
Decals (Military)
Decals (Civilian)
Vintage Scale Wheels (3-1/8")
2-3/4" Balloon Wheels with DH logo
Fuel Tank (square 4oz)

Technical Data:
Scale; 1:8
Span; 122cm (48")
Channels; 3 or 4
Engines; .15-.20 (2.5-3cc) or equivalent electric
C/G, 4 3/8" (111mm) from top centre section L/E.
Approximate weight with Motor = 1.14kg

Vacformed Cowl

Download PDF Instructions

A Possible Electric Setup from 4-Max

Tiger Moth E Cowl Dimensions 1
Tiger Moth E Cowl Dimensions 2