Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth

Classic biplane 1470mm (58") span

Product information

DE HAVILAND TIGER MOTH (Cowl is now one piece)

A very near scale De Havilland Tiger Moth kit that is easy to build and fly.

This traditional wood Kit comprises laser cut balsa and ply parts, also pre-formed u/c and cabane struts and a GRP cowl (in one piece).  There is a comprehensive hardware pack included to facilitate the majority of fitments that the aircraft requires.

The Tiger Moth spanned both the pre and post war eras, the wheels therefore, will need to be selected and purchased separately according to how you wish to finish the aircraft, i.e. Ballon wheels or more Vintage style.
Upper and lower wing panels detach quickly and easily for transportation.


  • Ply formed electric motor mount now included. 
  • Aileron rails provided for servos
  • Bellcranks and IC mount are no longer included.

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to the accessories)
Decals (Military training)
Decals (Civilian - lettering)
1/6 Scale Wheels (110mm, 4-3/8")
Balloon Wheels with DH logo
8oz rectangular fuel tank
6oz Round tank

Technical Data:
Scale -1:6
Span -147cm (58")
0.40- 0.60 4strokes. 0.30- 0.50 2 strokes, or electric.
Weight -2.5kg (5.5lb)
Channels- 4Engines -.30-.50 2 or 4stroke
Wing chord =9"
Wing area (active) =7sq/ft
C/G point,4" (100mm) from L/E top centre section.

Latest additions to the gallery are both finished to an extremely high standard in fantastically contrasting colours.

The lovely yellow colour scheme is the creation of John Ratcliffe.  First time modeller apparently!  Many a veteran modeller would be extremely proud of that.
Red shuttleworth version of this lovely plane is built and finished by Christine Evans.  Lady modeller and flier and creator of an absolute stunner of a model.    
Red and Black Tiger Moth has been created by Orlando Vieira in Portugal.  I have major 'finishing' envy.

Thanks to all for sharing their works of art.

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A Possible Electric Setup from 4-Max