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Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Pup

Sopwith Pup

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1/4 scale WW1 biplane, 1956mm (77") span for 20-25cc engines
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The kit has been revised, it now has 4 separate wing panels held in place with the same system as that employed in both the Auster and Piper Cub, as well as fully working quick rigging as per our descriptionin the
How Rigging Works Pup rigging system page.
THE Show stopper! A 1/4 scale companion to the SE5A.

This is a comprehensive kit of laser cut ply and balsa with pre formedwire and spun aluminium cowl. (Fully working rigging)

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to the accessories)
Decal Set
Vintage Scale Wheels

Technical Data:
Scale -1:4
Span -195cm (77")
0.90-1 .20 4 strokes, 2000-3000 Super Tigre engines or equivalent.
Fuselage length overall - 150cm (59")
Weight -6.8kg (15lb)
4 Channels
Ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle.
Engines -20 to 25cc
C/G 43/4" (121mm) from L/E Top wing Centre section.
Wing 'G' test = 6+

Aluminium Cowl (diameter 250mm, depth 125mm)
 - This is included in the Kit.


Most recent movie is from Peter Bruce using an ASP FT160 Twin, first time I've come across someone using this so is very much appreciated - View Here

A very nice movie clip from Mike Eastelow and features both the SE5 and Sopwith Pup Kit
YouTube Clip

And this one with a 1.20 4 stroke from Alistair Clinton
DB sport and scale 1/4 Sopwith Pup at Medway Model Flying Club

Picture, courtesy of Robert Walter in Germany.
Also from Andy Sawyer

Also see Alan Hirji's build log

Pup Rigging Tests

A clip of the aircraft flying, with the new magnetic struts and fully working rigging

Some more Sopwith Pup Photos

PDF Sopwith Pup Instructions Download

A Possible Electric Setup by 4-Max 

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