Piper Cub Decals

Civilian or Military

Product information

Civilian Set J3

Letters G-ANDA + Bear Cub Logo

G-ANDA 125mm Black x2
G-ANDA 81mm Black x2
2x Piper Cub Logos

Please note that we have our own Vinyl cutter so you are welcome to choose your own letter and colour preference.  There may be a slight delay if we need to order your particular colour.

Default set is shown (Black)
The default is for Matt Vinyl.  Please advise if you prefer gloss.
Photo is for illustration only and may not reflect letters or finish.

See colour chart HERE

Military Set  L4 

  • US Roundel Blue/white (2 x 330mm)
  • US Roundel Blue/white (2 x 200mm)
  • 44D White (2 x 85mm)
  • 234 Yellow (2 x 19mm)
  • 302 Yellow (2 x 19mm)
  • Strips
    • 660x38 Black x6
    • 660x38 White x9