Ideal Trainer aircraft and also a good model build project
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The Mascot was originally designed as a training aircraft.
We have now gone the extra mile with it and made a few useful design changes which makes the building of the aircraft to also act as a training project for those who have never built from a kit of parts before.
This is a therefore trainer in two ways.

The kit contains all laser cut parts and pre-bent undercarriage, the builder will of course need to cut to length the sheet and strip wood during the build.
There are also other minor technical tasks, like drilling some holes and making up control linkages, but these will help the beginner to become familiar with the workings and construction techniques of an aircraft.
The kit is supplied with clear instructions and an easy to follow plan, there is a Vacformed cowl, wheels,  and a comprehensive hardware pack for the linkages.

New electric conversion parts are included.

Technical Data:
4 channel, Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder
0.25-0.40 size engines or electric
1500mm (59") Wing Span
Approx weight, 2Kg (4 1/2pounds)
CG - 76mm from leading edge


Spares are available

A possible electric set up from 4Max 

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Technical specifications

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