60" / 1524mm span
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MANNOCK - Plan or Full Plan Pack

Probably the easiest build and fly of all the WW1 bi-planes, with 1524mm (60") span and over 1000 sq in of wing area, it is an ideal first semi-scale model after the trainer. Suitable for .30-41 2 Stroke/ 41-.60 4 Stroke engines, 3 or 4 channel radio.

Full Plan Pack Included Components:

  • 1 1/2 sheet plans - Plan shows numbers, not sizes
  • Patterns
  • Ribs
  • Main Formers, dihedral braces, spruce struts

Technical Data:
C/G is approx 106mm from the LE of the Top Wing

Latest photos are from Cliff Harvey and he als produced a number of build YouTube clips as he went along, they can be found here:

The lighter coloured Mannock photos are supplied by Ted Galbraith of Epping, Essex.  Thank you Ted.
He reports that it's to replace an old Mannock he once had and is using the very same 60 Enya.
See some Youtube footage from Staffan Ahlstrom in Sweden

And another one

DB Mannock Instructions PDF