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DB Gringo Kit
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Product information

GRINGO  (NEW 2017 Version) 

Please note that this is slightly different to the other kits (Except the new DB Tinker, it is offered in two options: 

1.  Airframe (GRP Cowl and side Cheeks, Vac canopy, UC / wirework)
2.  Airframe plus Hardware Pack 1

The, included, detailed instructions include photos of the prototype build.  

DB Gringo Instructions
DB Gringo Extra Photos (in no particular order)
Even more Photos on Dropbox

This new DB Gringo kit is derived from the original 80's model but has been changed in many different ways, not least to remove all foam from the build process.   Four channel Radio Control.

This new full Wood (Balsa and ply) kit has been a very long time in the making and is the result of a collaboration.  The initial redraw carried out by previous owners Eddie & Judy plus the changes I subsequently made from experience of building the prototype and then further test builds.  The latest new/old kit from DB Sport and Scale will be my go to Sport flier for many years to come.

The Rear deck is now 0.4mm ply curved around formers (previously veneered foam) and the wing is completely built up, fully sheeted (supplied) and with a new, improved aileron design.  

Fully redrawn plan and rewritten instructions which include many build photos with more available on line.

The prototype has been successfully (and enjoyably) flying for quite some time now and is highly recommended by all who have had a go.

This is a straightforward build although do have a quick scan through the downloadable instructions if you are not a relatively experienced builder (generally means having already built one or two models previously).  The wing is fully sheeted and jigs are supplied in order to get the geometry correct.

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to individual accessories)

Hardware Pack 1 
  • Aileron Bolt through Horns
  • Elevator and Rudder Horns with nuts & Bolts
  • Kavan Hinges for all surfaces
  • Saddle Clamps plus screws
  • Clevises, T-Nuts and Wing Bolts
  • Cowl block servo screws
  • Collets and control snake
  • threaded rods and spokes 

Technical Data:

  • Wing span is approximately 60", just over 1.5MT.  
  • CG is 100mm from LE
  • Extremely sturdy, aerobatic model.  
  • Around a 52 to 65 four stroke.

My Gringo:
Flies very nicely on an OS52
Flies even better on a Saito 62

Weight, ready to fly minus fuel is 2.69kg   (Saito is 420g)
0.95kg is the wing and 1.74 fuselage
(This is my Prototype so wasn't built lightly)

Width of hatch/Fuel Bay 55 to 60mm
Height 60mm
Length - long (open internal)

Photos:  The first is of my Prototype covered in a mixture of Oracover and Solarfilm offcuts.  Turned out quite well if I do say so myself :)
Second and third are of the old Foam winged Gringo, there are a few differences to the new kit.  The third one shown was owned by Ken Knox who is now building it's replacement from the new (test version) kit.

More info can be seen on our facebook page  (You do not need to sign up to facebook)

Technical specifications

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