Fuel Tanks Square

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Product information

Fuel Tanks Square by Radioactive

oz  mm
2   (61x41x33)
4   (81x50x37)  Autogyro, Tiger Moth E, Cirrus Moth E (Fit before the engine)
6   (91x54x43)   Corben Baby Ace, Mascot
8   (97x60x48)    Tiger Moth 58", Cirrus 40, Jodel
10 (110x60x48)
12 (121x69x48)
14  (121x70x57) Cub (maximum), Auster, Pup60
16 (121x75x61)
20 (134x81x62​​​​​​​) Sopwith Pup, SE5

Technical specifications

Brand RA