Dural Undercarriages

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Product information

DB Dural UnderCarriage.

These are made to order from 3mm thick Duraluminium, supplied cut and bent to shape.  The undercarriage can be easily lightly sanded and polished depending on the finish you require.

Fixing holes can be easily drilled.

Size is approximate:

Barnstormer 63 / BiStormer 60

272mm Wide, 90mm Top flat Section, 85mm height (from approx axle hole).

Barnstormer 72 / BiStormer 72

322mm Wide, 100mm Top flat Section, 102mm height (from approx axle hole).

Expo 80

Approx 365 wide, 124 high with 125 centre section


203mm Wide, 75mm Top flat Section, 50mm height (from approx axle hole).

Mighty Barnstormer 

365mm Wide, 125mm Top flat Section, 100mm height (from approx axle hole).


288mm wide, 84mm high with 95mm centre section


240mm wide, 102mm high with 75mm centre section

Twin Tub

420mm width between wheels 65mm from top to axle 120mm wide at top.  (2" wide - 50mm)

Tyro Major


Technical specifications

Brand DB