DH Vampire
DH Vampire
DH Vampire
DH Vampire
DH Vampire

DH Vampire

1600mm (63") span for EDF, Turbine power or slope soaring
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Product information

De Havilland (DH) Vampire Model Kit 

A superb semi-scale version of the 1950's early Jet that can be flown as an R/C power or slope soarer.
The DB Vampire is truly a builders aircraft that needs patience and dexterity, but what a really absorbing and rewarding project it is.  As it takes shape at each stage, it encourages the builder to want to do more.

All the parts are accurately laser pre-cut enabling the builder to make good progress at each stage.
All of the required building jigs are included in the kit for fuselage construction, wings, ailerons and flaps.
As with all our aircraft, it comes with detailed plan and instructions.

This De Havilland Vampire Model Kit is very easy to fly and although capable of very high speeds, it is also very good at low speed.  It is very docile in stall situations and very easy to recover without any tendency to spin "It glides beautifully".

The Tail booms and tailplane are easily and quickly removable for transportation and the fuselage and wing are one piece for integral strength.

This DH Vampire kit is suitable for retracts, EDF and turbine power.

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to the accessories)
New wooden hub wheels of thin profile specially for the vampire.

Technical Data:

Turbine, Wren 44 with 1 ltr fuel (suggested)
EDF, 90mm, normal flying 1500w (max for turbine equivalent 3000w).
Slope, Enough lead in the nose to balance it.Wingspan 1600mm (63")
Wing G test = 6.5G with 2kg payload.
Max Wing loading, 41 oz, sq/foot.
Wing area, 4.3 sq/feet.
Naked wood airframe weight (no covering or ancillaries) 1.4kg
Maximum AUW flown with prototype, around 5kg.
Space between retract bearers, Main 26mm, Nose 28mm.Retracts need to take a 5kg aircraft.
CoG 118mm from LE of Wing Panel at Root (Where wing panel meets the inlet Duct)

Some flying footage of the prototype aircraft using a 90mm EDF capable of 1500W.

Prototype Build Photos

Feb 2014 'Quiet & Electric Flight' magazine, courtesy of Traplet:

Electric Flight Review Page 1
Electric Flight Review Page 2
Electric Flight Review Page 3
Electric Flight Review Page 4
Electric Flight Review Page 5
Electric Flight Review Page 6

PLEASE NOTE; We suggest that you don't use the retracts in this magazine build because the nose-leg unit doesn't recess into the bearers. Fitting these requires re-working the nose-leg bearers to make them higher in the nose. 
Whatever retract system you obtain, ensure that the retract operating system is one that recesses between the bearers.

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Technical specifications

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