Corben Baby Ace
Corben Baby Ace
Corben Baby Ace
Corben Baby Ace
Corben Baby Ace

Corben Baby Ace

1/6 scale model of the American home build, ideal first scale model 1422mm (56") span for .25-40 engines or electric

Product information


A very near scale model of the American home build light aircraft.
It is the more rare version using a cowl with an open rear for cooling and totally enclosing the flat boxer engine.

Flies superbly either with glow or electric. It is an ideal first scale aircraft as it is as easy to fly as any high wing trainer.
All laser cut balsa and ply parts, wheels and the control linkages, plastic cowl, to construct into this lovely aeroplane.
All pre-formed wire parts.
As many customers prefer to fly electric, no tank is included in the kit, but we suggest a 6oz square tank if you need one

New electric conversion parts are included.

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to the accessories)
6oz Fuel Tank

Technical Data:
56" span
Scale -1:6Span -142cm (56")
Weight -1.8kg (4lb)
Channels- 4
Engines -.25-.30 cu. in. 2 stroke or.35-.40 cu. in. 4 stroke
Wing 'G' test = 6+

Vac formed Cowl
Spat Set

In flight photo courtesy of Rab Henderson.
"Snoopy" version by Mick Goody( he has slightly modified his cowl to screw flush to the fuselage sides)
A fine military style Baby Ace by James Clive Smith

A possible electric set up from 4 Max

Download PDF Instructions