Cirrus Moth 40
Cirrus Moth 40
Cirrus Moth 40
Cirrus Moth 40
Cirrus Moth 40

Cirrus Moth 40

1473mm (59") span biplane for .40-.60 glow engines or electric

Product information


A very near scale De Havilland Moth kit that is easy to build and fly.
This Kit comprises laser cut balsa and ply parts, also pre-formed u/c and cabane struts and a moulded cowl.
There is a comprehensive hardware pack to facilitate the majority of fitments that the aircraft requires.

This aircraft spanned both the pre and post war eras, the wheels therefore, will need to be selected and purchased separately according to how you wish to dress the aircraft up when finished.
A truly superb kit, making a model that is a delight to fly. With Upper and lower wing panels that detach quickly and easily for transportation.

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to the accessories)
Williams Golden Age Wheels
Balloon Wheels + DH Logo
6oz round fuel tank
8oz rectangular fuel tank
Decals for the Cirrus Moth 40
The set includes:
2 x Moth logo2 x G-EBLV (48mm) in white2 x G (93mm) in black2 x G (75mm) in black2 x G-EBLV (188mm)1 x AA badge

Technical Data:
Scale -1:6
Span -148cm (58")
Weight -2.2kg (5lb)
Wing area-7 Sqft (approx)
Channels- 3-4
Engines -.30-.48 2 or 4 stroke, or Electric,
40-60 4 strokes, 30-40 2 strokes.
C/G point,Rear edge of upper wing main spar.

New Black/Yellow Scheme by Michael Simard, Quebec, Canada.
Photos by Adam Chambers (G-EBLV) and by Bert Janssen (G-AAHY).

Cirrus Moth 40 Instructions Download PDF

A possible electric set up from 4-Max

A really nice Web Page containing many build photos from Mr Michael Myers: HERE

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