Cirrus Moth 20E
Cirrus Moth 20E
Cirrus Moth 20E
Cirrus Moth 20E
Cirrus Moth 20E

Cirrus Moth 20E

1220mm (48")span 30's biplane for 2.5-3.5cc glow motors or electric, 3/4 channel

Product information


A scale De Havilland Moth kit that is easy to build and fly.
The Kit includes pre-formed undercarriage and cabane struts with a moulded cowl.
A truly super kit, making a model that is a delight to fly.
As with all our kits, precise laser cut parts as standard.

Optional Riblets are now included in the kit for those wishing to replace the front sheeting with a more authentic look.

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to the accessories)

  • Golden Age wheels
  • Balloon wheels with DH logo
  • Full Decal Set

Technical Data:

  • Scale -1:8
  • Span -122cm (48")
  • Wing area-5 sqft (approx)
  • Wing loading- 13ozs sq/ft (approx)
  • Channels- 3-4
  • Engines -0.15-0.20or equivalent electric.
  • AUW- 4.4 lbs (2kg)(approx)
  • C/G 2-1/8" (53mm) from top centre section L/E
  • Wing 'G' test = 6+

Red/Silver Cirrus Moth photos are from Les Holloway.

           Some words of wisdom from Les - even if using ailerons, use the rudder in turns.

Blue Moth Photo's are from Jan Luethje
Jan has also provided a build thread in German Here

Please note that additional finishing details may have been added that are not in the kit.

Build Photos Showing Optional Riblets
DB Cirrus Moth 20E Instructions PDF

A Possible Electric Setup from 4-Max