Blackburn 1912 Monoplane

96" / 2438mm span
£96.67 (ex. VAT)
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This model is 1/4 scale. Its vast wing area and low weight allows for really majestic flying, and even at low speeds the three channel controls remain very effective.

An easy but absorbing project that is a delight to fly

This is the original David Boddington plan & instructions for building this aircraft as David originally designed it.

The full plan pack contains the plan along with all additional components 

Included Components:
2 sheet plan - Plan shows numbers, not sizes
Patterns (These show the formers which are NOT on the plan)
Laser cut ribs
Laser cut U/C skid set
Spun aluminium Cowl kit

Technical Data:
.60-1.20 4-stroke engines.
2438mm (96")
Wing chord of 508mm (20")
C/G= 6 1/4" (159mm) from L/E.

DB Blackburn Instructions PDF

Possible Electric Setup from 4-Max

Many thanks to Martyn Bowles and Steve Jack for the fantastic photos.