Blackburn 1912 Monoplane
Blackburn 1912 Monoplane
Blackburn 1912 Monoplane
Blackburn 1912 Monoplane
Blackburn 1912 Monoplane

Blackburn 1912 Monoplane

An easy but absorbing project that is a delight to fly

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2438mm (96")span with a wing chord of 508mm (20").
Its vast wing area and low weight allows for really majestic flying, and even at low speeds.
An easy but absorbing project that is a delight to fly
There are quite a few of you out there who have been anxiously awaiting the return of the 1912 Blackburn monoplane, well, it has returned.
The new prototype model was displayed at Old Warden over the weekend of 19th and 20th of July at the WW1 scale weekend, it was well received by the modellers there.
The new kit has all laser cut parts, even the strip wood comes ready scarf cut for jointing, it has a spun aluminum cowl, pre-bent wirework,
all fittings for wing warping (should the builder wish to employ it) and other controls
As is standard with all of our kits, all rigging wire and main essentials are supplied including the turnbuckles for the wing wires.
The wings are very quickly fitted and removed, we have enabled the rigging and de-rigging to be a 5 minute job by the introduction of a retractable king post.
This allows the rigging to be slackened during the process of clipping on or unclipping the rigging wires.

Accessories Available (Scroll down for links to the accessories)
Williams Vintage Wheels

Technical Data:
For .90-1.20 4-stroke engines.
C/G= 61/4" (159mm) from L/E.
Fuselage length from cowl front to rudder tip is 6'6" (1981mm)
Elevator span; 35" (890mm)

DB Blackburn Kit Instructions PDF

Wing Warping and Flying Movie

See extra build and Customer Blackburn photos on DropBox

Exceptional level of detail shown by Colin Mills, photo's here

A Possible Electric Setup from 4-Max

The Latest picture is by kind permission of Martyn Bowles, cameraman was Steve Jack.  Both from Darlington MFC.  More details from this will be appearing as a link soon.

Further info kindly supplied by Martyn

You may also be interested in the setup. I originally intended to power it with my Laser 120. However, due to the open structure and all the rigging wires,

I decided that keeping the model clean of exhaust residue would be difficult.

Electric power was then my choice.  The motor is an Axi 5320/18 turning a scale size 20" prop. Jeti 100 amp ESC and 5000 mAh 6s LiPo.

Radio is Futaba with powerful Hitec servos. HS-7955TG with 20 Kg/cm torque on the wing warping.

The maiden flight was really a non event with the recent excellent weather.The flight was 8 minutes true model flying pleasure with only very minor trim required.

From Wade in the US:

Successful maiden flight of my build of your 1912 Blackburn Monoplane. Weight is 15 pounds. Power is electric: an AXI Gold 5330/24 197KV motor on 6 cell x 5000mAh Lipo swinging a 24x14 wooden propeller at 45 amps.