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Something different? Then why not this inexpensive AutoGyro? Fun and easy to build
Brand: DB
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Something really different that's fun and easy to fly!
Precision laser cut kit of balsa and ply parts, new bolt together rotors using precision nylon bush type bearings, comprehensive hardware pack, plan and instructions.
Rotor angles are pre-set to ensure successful flying.

Extras that you may need:
4oz rectangular fuel tank
1-1/2" Spinner
19-30 Engine Mount
(Wheels are included in the kit)

Technical Data:
46" (1168mm) span overall.
0.20-0.25 2 strokes or electric
118cm Across rotors
Weight -1.3kg (3lb)
Channels- 3
Engines - 3-4cc (.20-.30 cu in)
C /G point(Dead centre of wing)
Wing 'G' test = 4+

Spares (One set is in the kit)
Rotor Blades only
Complete Rotor set(blades and hubs)

Youtube Clip
German Review

An electric Autogyro Customer report:
A while back I bought a twinrotor gyrocopter.  Just to let you know that it flies beautifully with an AXI 2826/12 and 11.1 volt lipo 2600mah battery.
The battery has to go quite far forward, half of it in front of the wings for the right c.g.
The other modification I had to make was to the cooling, 3 intake holes, and 2 largerexit holes in the fuselage.
prop: 10x7 electric.It flies absolutely lovely and the near vertical descents are very impressing!

Kind regards,
John Wessels.

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