3D Printed Wheels
3D Printed Wheels
3D Printed Wheels
3D Printed Wheels
3D Printed Wheels

3D Printed Wheels

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Product information

3D Printed Wheels, all sizes.  Golden age and Vintage style.

Vintage updated with more obvious spoke lines - March 2024

Price is for 1 pair of wheels

(Note, these may require a couple of days to print).

Glue the Hubs together with Cyano.  Optional Bolts may also be used.  

Do not Glue the Tyre.

Surface lines will be visible due to the shape of the Hubcap.  Pictures show them as they come (except painting).  A smoother finish can be easily achieved with some filler and sanding.

Note, durability has not been tested on tarmac so only recommended for grass strips. Initial tests suggest that they will likely last a long time on Tarmac too but that will take a very long time to prove/disprove.

As with anything else, ensure they are securely and safely fastened to the undercarriage if the model will be flying!

The model shown is the DB SE5a, it has vintage style wheels at 6 5/8in.

Painted and assembled by Ian Sage.

Technical specifications

Brand DB